The driver of tomorrow is not thinking Green...

The driver of tomorrow is not thinking Green...
He's thinking Classic. (click on photo)


Sep 1, 2012

2 AM Ponder - (why do writers write at 2am?)

And at 2:13 am, the writer writes:

Locked inside my mind, outside people pushing me to perform. Mouths frothing at commands to keep up with the new norm. 
House, car, cell phone, pad - clothes, laptop, facebook stats. 
All up to date with the new, is supposed to somehow give me, to others, value. 
Instead, insomnia awaits - holding hands with anxiety and depression at the gate. 

Standing alone, in the silence of the night, quiet meets my mind as it peers at my plight. 
Value, beyond the grasp, of all the things in the morning that call me to task.
The world spins on, long after our time. And upon our weariness, others do climb. 
So I ponder you reader, to look at your life. Discover the old new, beyond the world's current strife. 
The ragged, the weary, the way things are, can beat the strength out of our human heart. 
Find your joy and show us the way, back to the roots of a simpler and fulfilled day.

  Rebecca Mullinnix 9/1/12

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