The driver of tomorrow is not thinking Green...

The driver of tomorrow is not thinking Green...
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Feb 26, 2015

Mergers, Acquisitions and Takeovers - Who Knew This Was a Fascinating Subject

50 Shades of Oppression

This post is prompted by my fascinating Women's Studies class and this weeks topic of sexual violence against women - and the desensitization of our nation. Of course, 50 Shades of Grey, which released this past Valentine's Day, was included in the question prompt.

When my daughter was 5 years old, the fashion industry made a change in the clothing offered for young girls.

Suddenly the words “princess” or “juicy” were splashed across the ass of little girls everywhere. The waistband of pants took a turn south, barely riding above the pubic area. Shirts shortened, giving way to the bare midriff and schools implemented stronger dress code policies.

As a mother, I was horrified and angry that not only was the fashion industry introducing theses changes in clothing to barely older than toddler age girls, but that people were actually dressing their daughters “like a 20 year old.” (Bad Feminist, Careless Language of Sexual Violence, Page 128). A young child in provocative clothing.

I have watched the progression of our society's return to overt sexualizing our girls for 19 years. This is the part of feminism I don’t understand and probably in line with Prosecuting Attorney Anne Munche's Unnamed Conspirator theory. As a feminist, we are to explore and find power in our sexuality; yet, we allow society (men), the entertainment industry (men), to sway us into accepting what is obviously (we are so blind) chains and control, disrespect, of the female body, brain and worth - all in the name of this so called power. It is the lie of the unnamed conspirator. When talking about “Careless Language,” the meaning extends past our verbal use of sexually desensitizing words and into our daily actions. Of course, if we live in a society, where we choose to dress our young children and pre-pubescent adolescents in a way that encourages and begs for older boys and men to look at their asses, where we encourage and foster the idea within their own minds that their bodies and their person are there to find attention, then it is not so far a step to include a change in the words we use about sexuality, to degrade the overall respect of females as a human being of worth.

And since the movie was brought up in the prompt, the fact that the erotic novel (I'm not even sure "erotic" is strong enough word for this piece of work), 50 Shades, was made into a main stream major motion picture, to which 6 theater screens were devoted on Valentine’s Day – the day lovers are suppose to show love, hopefully respect for their partners (because apparently we can’t show that the other 364 days a year), and have sex together (yea!) – is a blatant indication that we have definitely allowed the horror of trafficking female bodies to be glossed over and become a mainstream acceptable idea.

Feb 9, 2015

The Truth about Super Bowl XLIX

It’s 2 a.m. and I should be sleeping. I wish I were. Yet, the fever that has plagued me for days has intensified, causing my sleepless mind to wander on over to the memory of the Seahawk’s Superbowl loss.

It has been five days since the game and the vision of the end zone scramble, players falling, the ball…. – still clear. I remember my eyes roving over the players, my mind screaming “where is the ball?!” and the announcer’s voice breaking through the fog.


I have no doubt my stomach felt like most 12’s. Nausea. Heartache. I calmly whispered, “No.” Where our house had been a maniacal thunderstorm of cheers and “SEA”, “HAWKS”, the ruckus in the neighborhood, suddenly it was a silent as the theatre after “American Sniper.”

I followed my whisper with the recognition, “Wow, that Patriot’s player just made a name for himself. Good for him. Wow. Damn. That was a good play.”

In all the hoopla over “the worst call – ever,” people have lost sight of what truly happened. To say that I am a Seahawks Fan is to understate the love I have for this game and this team. I stood there, in my living room, wearing my unwashed Hawks flannels and Kearse Jersey. I saw Wilson’s face, followed by the camera’s close up of Pete Carroll. I knew Coach was manning up to face the team and understood what was set before him in the locker room and the return home. I too wondered, as the announcers verbalized the question – why?

So here’s the answer.

The Seahawks lost because Malcolm Butler did his job and played Football. Because the game is about what every other game of ball is about. One team attempts to move and one team attempts to prevent movement.

If we truly love this game, we have to see beyond which team we wanted to win, even as a Hawks fan, and envelop the beauty of Butler’s play. He saw what was going down and played that ball. He secured the Superbowl (can you feel the adrenaline?) for the Patriot’s. He outplayed the best quarterback of the NFL, he took Lockett out (pass interference or playing the ball?), he did the job and owned that football. He outplayed one of the top NFL teams, their defensive coaches, their head coach – who would have won that game – and nailed that trophy for The Patriots, securing a ring for himself.

I can’t give you statistics, quote numbers, run a play. I’m simply a lover of the game because of the rush it gives me watching the action on the field. I know who’s good and who ain’t so good. I understand how the game works but I couldn’t be a play-by-play announcer. I can only imagine that our coaching team knew Butler was a rookie, had watched him play and just as the Patriots lined their defense against Beast Mode, our offense may have thought the little throw across that line was an easy in, against the less experienced player. Just a thought.

Congratulations Malcolm Butler. Job well done, man.

And Mr. Carroll, don’t feel too bad. Because, the loss really was my fault.

Ten minutes into the game my daughter realized I didn’t have the flannels on. I was mistakenly wearing jeans. And the only other time I’ve missed the start of the game with the flannels, the Hawks lost.

I whipped on the flannels and squelched the thought, “Damn, I hope this isn’t a sign.”

The Sum of Our Relationships Today

Should we really wonder why relationships fall apart, when they are relegated to the amount of time we can fit into a little box?
Even with those who live in our very own homes.

What is the sum of your marriage today?

(Deadmau5 & Imogen Heap)

Hey babe, hows ya day been?
No, you first, oh what?
The delay's quite bad
Yeah, sorry
Where are you I cant really hear you?
A taxi, distracted
Anyway, you... you were saying
Wait, ah, now, they're waving me over
Can I call you back?
Yeah, everything's fine, why?
Am I? I don't know why,
I probably just need sleep.
It's been a busy week
Sorry I've got to go
Sorry...ok, bye.

This is just so unlike us,
Cut back to horizontalisms
If we could win just one small touch
Contact versus telemiscommunications

Plan foiled, sirens pass by, kids screaming,
The longest public announcement
Reached check-in, finally got through,
Running for a flight, shoes off,
You're calling voicemail
In-joke, group laughter, closing scenes,
In a meeting
Angel. Angel! Why didn't you tell me?
One second, someone needs directions
Can't you see I'm on the phone?!

This is just so Unlike us.
Cut back to horizontalisms
If we could win just one small touch.
Contact Versus Telemiscommunications.
So Unlike us (Unlike us).
Cut back to horizontalisms
If we could win just one small touch.
Contact Versus Telemiscommunications.

Did I tell you, I loved you, today?
Did I tell you, I loved you, today?

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