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The driver of tomorrow is not thinking Green...
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Mar 23, 2009

Disappear - Bebo Norman

Writing is my outlet from the ongoing or inner goings of my overactive mind. Lately I'm struggling (don't call, I'm fine). Sunday's message in church hit me so deeply. Such a burning desire to go in to ministry - to speak for The Lord. Our pastor shared a story of a meeting with a pastor from Russia this past week. He was asked what his deepest concern was. Our pastor's answer was to the effect that christians in the US will not be able to stand if religious persecution came to this country. The russian pastors answer - that he his own faith could not stand as he faces the death of his 17 year old son. What am I doing in my own life to show Jesus' love to those I'm called to minister? My children, my family? Nothing. I am too caught up in my own crap - excuse me - my own selfishness. As I work through my thoughts today with God, a few songs came up in concession from Bebo Norman as I worked out tonight. This one is powerful (good guitar Pete :) ) - hope it helps or touches your soul today. I am working on change - it won't be overnight, but He continues to work on me.

Bebo Norman - Disappear (I can send you the file - or it'll be on my facebook)

On a day like this I want to crawl beneath a rock
A million miles from the world, the noise, the commotion
That never seems to stop

And on a day like this I want to run away from the routine
Run away from the daily grind that can suck the life
Right out of me
I only know of one place I can run to

I want to hide in You
The Way, the Life, the Truth
So I can disappear
And love is all there is to see
Coming out of me
And You become clear
As I disappear

I don't want to care about earthly things
Be caught up in all the lies that trick my eyes
They say it's all about me
I'm so tired of it being about me¦

I would rather be cast away
Separated from the human race

If I don't bring You glory
If I don't bring You glory
If I don't bring You glory

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