The driver of tomorrow is not thinking Green...

The driver of tomorrow is not thinking Green...
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Oct 13, 2009

Morning Thoughts

Yesterday morning as I drove Kayla & Sara to school, we got on the topic of age. Maybe it was my impending 41st birthday. Kayla said something like, "well think about how you will feel when you are 52!". I said "you know I was thinking about that just last week, about being on my way to 50! I mean, mentally it seems weird because I still feel like I've always felt-young (never mind the constant back pain, joint aches, groans as I stand up or roll out of bed...). But 50... and Grandpa Bob pointed out to me I'm closer to 60 than 20 and that I have aged hands".

Nice Pa... ;}"

Today driving in to work my random play on the IPod brought up this moving Matchbox 20 song that I love. And it set me on some reflecting. At the end of your life, who will be with you to hold your hand? Who have we touched during our time here? More importantly, will we be there for the one that needs our hand?

My blog definition is conduit and I am constantly striving for information and I suppose, maybe I have a bit of teacher in me because my hearts desire is to pass along the information to help anyone that might need just that message at that moment. As I contemplate the fact that time really is marching on, our family is getting older & growing, our first kids are close to vacating our home, I hope, with deep sincerity that I made a difference somewhere, that those around me know I love them with the fierceness of family and during the battle of life or in the end, when our beauty has faded, a hand will be there to carry us through as we move to the next place of life.

Now Comes the Night:

When the hour is upon us
And our beauty surely gone
No, you will not be forgotten
No, you will not be alone

And when the day has all but ended
And our echo starts to fade
No you will not be alone then
And you will not be afraid

When the fog has finally lifted
From my cold and tired brow
No I will not leave you crying
And I will not let you down

Now comes the night
Feel it fading away
And the soul underneath
Is it all that remains
So just slide over here
Leave your fear in the fray
Let us hold to each other
Until the end of our days

When the hour is upon us
And our beauty surely gone
No you will not be forgotten
No you will not be alone

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