The driver of tomorrow is not thinking Green...

The driver of tomorrow is not thinking Green...
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Mar 8, 2010

Relationship Matters: Is Dishonesty sometimes better?

It is tempting, if we've done something that we KNOW will upset our partner, to want to lie to them about it. "It’ll just upset him/her," you may think to yourself. ...rationalize that we are shielding our partner from harm by not divulging this information.

What we are really doing, though, is shielding ourselves from the consequences of our actions. Our partners have a right to make his or her own decision how to act, and how to behave, and this is based on a trusting relationship with us.

...partner deserves to have a full view of the situation to decide how to live a day to day life with us. it is up to us to be open and provide our partner with that clear, honest view.

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RebeccaFM said...

From my father:

"It all depends on what the upsetting behavior is. The Bible is so correct when it says “God is true and every man a liar”. In the world of human communication there are only three categories, lies, opinion and truth. We operate primarily in lies and opinion. Unfortunately we get very confused about which is which, not distinguishing the differences. God brilliantly made the truth far more than a thought or description of fact or opinion about it. Jesus is truth. He does not tell the truth. He is the truth. Everything else is lies or opinion. Use the truth wisely. It can kill as easily as it makes thing flourish. Confession is good for the soul, t’is true. Confess to God so the devil can’t make a fool out of you. Food for thought."


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