The driver of tomorrow is not thinking Green...

The driver of tomorrow is not thinking Green...
He's thinking Classic. (click on photo)


Jun 26, 2010

The New Marriage Proposal

Will you marry me?

Why Tom, this is wonderful!

It is? So you’re saying yes?!

Well, under the right circumstances, I think we can come to a mutual agreement.

Uh, circumstances – mutual agreement – what are you saying?

Well, for one, which partner will have a controlling interest in this proposed marriage?

What? You know, 50-50.

Laughter… 50-50, hehe. What about 30/70, in my favor and I let you have a night out with the guys once a month!

Wait a minute! I’m not going any less than 60/40 and you have to change the oil in your own car.

Uh, well, if I give you 45/55, will you agree to back rubs every night…and no limits on my shopping?

You’ve got to be crazy! Oh, I got it. Let’s make it 55/45 and you promise no visits from your mother..!

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