The driver of tomorrow is not thinking Green...

The driver of tomorrow is not thinking Green...
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Aug 23, 2011

Remove the adults, keep the kids

In response to the recent new story about the restaurant that bans children and a local discussion online about kids in public.

Not all people with children are breeders. And not all breeders are irresponsible parents. Talking w/a school official recently, they mentioned in all their 30 years of education, this group of elementary kids had the most sense of self entitlement and immaturity they had seen. Being involved with a wide range of kids, we've been recently shocked at the growing disrespect, rudeness and self-centerdness that is developing in the younger generations. The change in attitude of parenting, don't have expectations, don't teach good manners, good behavior - let the children "find their way" and be how they will - is fine at home. But when kids go to other people's homes, in public and still think they are THE center of the universe and have absolute NO consideration for other people - that's when it's gone too far.

I've had to remove my child from a public place in the middle of a melt down. That's what we should do. No, not everyone chooses to have children. But not everyone chooses to drink too much in public either. Or become belligerent, rude, use profanity, wear too little clothes, act badly in public - I'm talking adults here. And no one takes them out of the restaurant when they do so I can enjoy my dinner. If I've paid for a babysitter, I don't want some adult ruining my peaceful time. With todays economic times, many parents NEED a break, they need out of the house but who can afford a babysitter? We've created this transient society, where people live hours away from family and may not have anyone to trust their child with. So some may choose to chance it and yes, endure their own internal stress, when you need a night out, YOUR child is the one not sitting still and all you want is that good meal, see another adult, act like you're not a spitup rag.... I'm glad mine are old enough but having been through it, gives me a little more understanding.

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