The driver of tomorrow is not thinking Green...

The driver of tomorrow is not thinking Green...
He's thinking Classic. (click on photo)


Jan 17, 2012

Are Sydne Spies of Durango High School's yearbook photos too racy? My response.

Looks like a modeling photo, She's absolutely beautiful. However, teens often forget that as they get older and come in to their young adulthood, a photo like this - it's not just the high school boys getting their attention. So it's up to the high school to step in and create a high school friendly book. We don't want our teachers facebooking with our kids, having relationships with our kids - we probably shouldn't put solicitous provocative photos in the yearbook. It all works together. As a female from a house of strong females and a mom of many daughters (one son, poor guy) - it is VERY difficult to balance being strong, comfortable in our femininity that includes sexuality without taking on the current societal view that we should allow AND EXPECT our daughters to BE sexualized. Is there anything else our girls could be? Worth as a female is still locked into our breasts/ass/physical perfection. In all these years, we still haven't developed past the feeling the need to achieve that and fighting for worth to others and our internal selves beyond that. Looking at the lifespan of humans, there is plenty of time to explore your sexuality and we push our kids to start out young. Feels a little pedophiliac to me at times. Create clothes at the age of 5 that are too short, too high, write words across our little girls butt to draw attention. The photos are racy, no doubt. And no man is looking at this parents daughter with "good" intentions. In fact, a man that thinks this should be encouraged with our young girls, should be looked at twice, three, four times. His intent is probably NOT the good of the young girl but more for his own visual gratification. I think at times women think they will control with sexuality but I'm not quite sure it really works out that way. It's a lonely road in the end for a girl/woman when she's given all she has. I was at a local football game recently and this man's teenage daughter walked up, in skimpy/short short, tight, glittery shorts. Nice body. Def flaunting it. I watched as his grown adult friend looked her up & down as she walked away and quickly averted his eyes when his friend turned his way. It made me a tad nauseous and validated my own parental choices with our daughters. Balance, balance. Maybe someday we'll find it.

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