The driver of tomorrow is not thinking Green...

The driver of tomorrow is not thinking Green...
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Jan 5, 2009

Faith in trying times

Surprise!.... my faith is not so deep at times.  I like it when times are smooth sailing and the path is rather straight, as in I can see what's coming and prepare o know what to expect.  When the path veers steeply to one side and is no longer clearly seen, I panic.  Yes.  Fear.

So in the midst, I felt a little passion for someone's kindness.  Here's a submission I sent in to the Woodinville Weekly last week - 

In Nov. I found a drivers license on the side of the road while running.  For a second I was perplexed how an older woman's DL could end up there.  Then I realized, maybe it was stolen.  Returning home, I looked her up & called her. Yes, it was.  I went back to the site, found a few more of her cards, sent them to her with the info of where to go look for anything else.  She offered a reward, of which I refused because this is something people should do - kindness.  Simple.

A few days later, sure enough I received a Thank you card - and a Starbucks card.  One of those few luxuries I allow myself is a sweet sweet coffee.  This woman knew nothing about me yet it was a gift of something I truly enjoy.  Sometimes, its such a relaxing thing to hold that warm cup in your hands as the sweetness pours into the mouth.  Ahhhh, a moment of peace.  I felt guilty accepting the card & thought I would just return it with a nice note.  Thanksgiving came, hurried holidays, card set aside - forgotten.

Our household did not survive the economy layoffs.  One job down and another on the edge of collapse (real estate), we are looking at our budget and slashing.  All extra things - bye bye.  That's okay, we have home, warmth, food.  We are still blessed and well.

Fishing through my wallet... what did appear?  but a beautiful shiny Starbucks Card, thanks to a wonderful woman who doesn't know her act of kindness touched me during the start of a difficult, winding path.  I will give up my coffee... but not today ;)


Matt & Becky said...

Testing the comment section...-Rebecca

TRoutMac said...

Hey, Becky… Now I'm finally testing the comments feature. I'll look forward to seeing more of your thoughts up here.

Are you sure you want a bomb-thrower like me on here, though? He, he.



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