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The driver of tomorrow is not thinking Green...
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May 6, 2009

The loss of printed media - again

Knowledge is power and until the wide spread print of the newspaper, many people did NOT have a clue what was going on in the country. The government wanted to keep the citizens from being informed. Something started from a deep need in many countries. Therefore, being controlled by their inability to fight or participate in what is going on.

The real problem is that civilians have become too laid back about what is happening in the country, do not seek out the truth and let others do the work, let others feed them nonsense (WHO announces Swine Flu pandemic - hurry, panic! - for the release of government funds for medicine conspiracy theory here) and don't stop to question, analyze, research and act. We all do it. Citizens have allowed the media and entertainment to become the rulers of our country and the government has learned how to use the media to it's advantage. Once again taking control.

For me, being a reader - one who reads the cereal boxes and has a house full of cereal box readers.... we miss the newspaper.


TRoutMac said...

Here's the thing… although you may not have intended it, your words here seem to imply that 'consuming' news via the written word is only valid -- or valuable -- when it's read in an actual newspaper. It's not as though absent newspapers we are without a "readable" source of news.

I do understand (though I don't feel this way personally) that for some folks newspapers might fulfill some sort of romantic, nostalgic, traditional sort of experience that they'd rather not see disappear from society. I understand that some folks have developed a sort of "ritual" around reading the newspaper. I don't think there's anything wrong with that, per se, but I don't know what else to say except that, in this day and age, newspapers are simply obsolete. Too slow. Too inflexible. And think of the natural resources that get wasted in the process.

And even I (not an environmentalist whacko) can appreciate the natural resources that will be conserved with the eradication of newspapers. Think of all the trees that'll be saved!!

Yes, there is some sadness in seeing long-established institutions like newspapers go the way of the dinosaur. But, that's progress. Newspapers just can't compete anymore. There are much more efficient ways to disseminate information, and anyone who calls themself a "reader" can breathe a sigh of relief because it still requires READING. You just won't be getting ink on your fingers anymore.

He, he.

So cheer up, Becky! It's not the end of the world!!

RebeccaFM said...

Newspapers are recycled....

And no one ever accused you of being romantic.

Apologetics minded. Definitely not romantic.

Some would consider eradication of faith as "progress".

I still get more satisfaction out of reading my "Bible" then firing up Matt's IPod for the Word.


RebeccaFM said...
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TRoutMac said...

Well, guilty as charged on the romantic bit. Who am I to go against the wind?

You're not suggesting we print newspapers just so that we'll have something to recycle, are you? He, he.

Now don't worry… I'm not suggesting replacing newspapers with audio recordings, either. I agree, that would suck. But I read news accounts, as do you apparently, via the Internet. Still involves reading. Nothing lost except the pile of papers to dispose of.

I compared this discussion earlier to the discussions Matt and I would have regarding the production of artwork via traditional means vs. computer. In this discussion, I've become Matt and you've become me. Except you have more hair and I assume Matt won't mind my saying you're much, MUCH prettier. He, he.

And here's something else to consider… if you can say that newspapers have contributed a lot of good to this world (and I would agree with that, by the way) you would also have to admit that newspapers have contributed a lot of evil to the world. Think of the Soviet PRAVDA. Was that used for good or for evil?

Next step: We have a climate right now where large companies of various kinds are being absorbed by the federal government. Car manufacturers. Insurance companies. I've already READ (via the Internet) one story where a newspaper has sought bailout money from the government. How do you like the idea of government taking ownership of newspapers? Again, just think "PRAVDA." The transition away from newsprint to electronic media will make such a takeover more difficult.

Again, I'm not saying there shouldn't be this sort of 'romantic' sadness over the passing of such a long-established medium. But I don't know any objective reason why I should be upset about newspapers going bye-bye.

And, I'm not at all sure how it would be possible to eradicate faith. Everyone has faith and uses it. If someone thinks it's possible to eradicate it, they must mean something different by the word than I do.

Come on back!! He, he.


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