The driver of tomorrow is not thinking Green...

The driver of tomorrow is not thinking Green...
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May 5, 2009

The wild horse

I remember at 10 galloping, pretending I was the Lone Ranger (or Tonto) on my horse over some small hills (piles of dirt) in our back yard. And pining for that first horse. I remember the long car rides with my parents to the pens where the BLM horses were held and that one wild buckskin my mom fell in love with, who fought so bravely against the humans that would ensnare her. Over the years of horse training and ownership, she remained one of the best we owned and worth every buck (pun intended).

Recently our household has been following the loss of written media (newspapers) in our society as our 9th grader uses it as her Freshman Project. The other day I read about the department of communication technology (?) @ UW removing the landlines from their office. Our history being pushed in to the archives, bit by bit. As I read about the horse issue and felt startled 1)that there again were that many wild horses on the land - which I thought was very exciting - 2) that they were used for slaughter, I hadn't really given much thought to that ever - I again pined for a lost tradition. Horses.... the wild mustang... the symbol of a beautiful car and power. The sleek muscles, the speed, the sure footedness, the hair, deep eyes, attitude (yes they have it), the ability to survive.

Horses used to be part of the American life, our own survival, transportation, work on the home, recreation, endurance - a great tool to humanity exploring nature & our world. I guess I can't quite compare it to printed word or the ring of a phone, because it is life and beautiful in it's creation. Time's have changed and maybe I show my age at feeling sad to see the loss of what was. 3000 horses does not seem so many in consideration of the world itself. I can see how it would populate quickly and I do understand the concerns and yes, I realize I have extremely limited information. Yet, it doesn't pain me any less to see an alternative as to the end of a worthwhile creature. I'm not sure what alternative plans would be and some plan may require humans to get OUT of their Mustang and climb ON to their Mustang.

Alas, we don't have room or time for a newspaper... we don't even have an animal. How would we have it for a horse?

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