The driver of tomorrow is not thinking Green...

The driver of tomorrow is not thinking Green...
He's thinking Classic. (click on photo)


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Jan 2, 2010

Humans and God

I'm not sure belief in God runs contrary to our human nature. Humanity has always believed in God, a spiritual life, a leader, "a God". Unfortunately, in the past 100 years we, in our "civilization" of our species, have moved away from belief in anything but ourselves because we have too much pride to have allow ourselves to depend on some higher being that created us, developed us, gave life to the beauty and ORDER in nature, the world, the universe - all that is. Pride cannot allow us to not believe we ourselves are the all powerful. What absolutely amazes me is that an individual can continue to educate themselves with what is out there, with the way our bodily systems work, the cycles in our world, the earth, the natural life, the universe and think it was all an accident. My computer is not even that amazing and it has a creator...the chair I sit on - a creator. The house, the car, the road, the buildings, the fence, a pencil, paper, books, clothing, my haircolor (the fake one) - all have "creators". Very interesting "logic" in the accidental creation of Earth and all that inhabits and surrounds it.

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