The driver of tomorrow is not thinking Green...

The driver of tomorrow is not thinking Green...
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Apr 19, 2010

The sign that the End is near

Two articles came across my path recently. And they set my teeth a gritting.

The first was an article about what accounts for infidelity. Seriously, expecting some words of wisdom and slap you around advice (like, you have to ask this?), I skimmed the article. Wait, slow down, because it didn't really say that. Oh yes it did. Infidelity is whatever you & your spouse agree it to be. If you and your partner agree that having an open sexual relationship is okay, then it's okay. If you're not in to that but they are and you feel comfortable with their extra sexual activities, have at it.

Unsubscribe to those life tips thank you very much. And we wonder what is wrong with the world today. Our grandparents thought the 60's were bad? Free everything and tolerance for any open behavior runs rampant and people are afraid to stand up and say NO and that's enough. What, if any, values - or examples of values - are being left for our children & their children?

Next is today's MSN article about this new growling female title - The Cougar. The first time I heard that term (because I am still very sheltered apparently) was in September. From my husband, who enlightened me. Whatever. Since then, it's become the new standard we women, approaching middle age, have to live up to. Demi Moore in her fabulous beauty at 47 is our goal. Including the many years younger boy toy she married. The article talks about the problems arising from the New Cougars taking the nation. The problems arising - for their own daughters, as these vivacious mothers seek out their high school boy "friends" to hook up with.

This makes me physically ill. I enjoyed thinking "this kids a punk" watching some of the boys recently - and enjoyed the realization that, yes, I've finally become my mother (thanks MOM!) and a parent that can recognize a punk (similar to the punks I dated) when I see one. I enjoyed actually being an ADULT and not WANTING to date the punk any longer. For Pete's sake.

Get over yourselves! Yes we want to always be our best, beautiful, sexy (heck yes), attractive, fit, alive - and at times, downright Hot. We don't grow out of that secretly. But draw the line! Draw the line! Now it's acceptable for these poor 40+ something women to prowl their teenage daughters friends, because they've given themselves to wifeyhood & motherhood too long and missed their youth, so their trumping their adolescent daughter's? (Oh, so sad - anyone got a hanky? I feel a tear..)

And the advice? for the daughters?

1) Have Girl Time. 2) Tell her what you need. 3) Dont' give up.

Hear my dripping sarcasm as I type the advice. How about get your mom some sex addict therapy and a lobotomy. This is the advice MOM's and PARENTS get to bond with their teens as they go through adolescence.

You need a license to have a pet but you don't need anything to be a parent. Wait, these aren't parents... maybe the kids should have a license to attempt to raise their mothers?

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