The driver of tomorrow is not thinking Green...

The driver of tomorrow is not thinking Green...
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Sep 22, 2011

My question for President OBama

My husband and I have 5 kids together, ages 17 - 9, of which I am the sole support since my husbands industry crashed with the economy and work is not yet to be found. The State actually told me in regards to child support from my children's biological father, they wanted to create a "win-win" situation by reducing his support to basically nothing. This is suppose to not overwhelm him and give him incentive to pay something, while day in and day out, I strive to continue to provide a home and basic necessities to our children. That State told me to go to my residence State and apply for assistance for our children. Really? This is the answer? How does this possibly help our bankrupt states & country, by removing the responsibility from the citizens for their children and making it the government's responsibility to provide?

Despite this, I work very hard to find every opportunity for growth and education, around some of the failings of our own education system, for all of our children so they can grow to look beyond their own selves, to a world in which they are set to live in. We live in this place of market, market, market - we've lost the ability to provide for ourselves, produce our own food, make our own items, who sews clothes anymore?, build our own homes - and so any necessity - or any extra opportunity costs money. Driving to work costs money. Travel and commuting has become such a way of life, community is lost. Millions of people are out of work, who are skilled, who have something to offer others and yet, instead of banding together to bring our wares to the table to create community provision, we sit in our homes, wondering how we are going to purchase the next dozen eggs or put gas in our car to make it to work.

My question is not what are you directly going to do for our country. Presidents are simply human beings who are able to figure out how to get themselves elected to the head of this country. My question is where is our country going? We cannot possibly continue to spend the money we are spending. Our governments cannot possibly afford to continue providing for everyone who doesn't. There are many who choose not to, who look for handouts. We give to them and penalize those that do, that get up every day and continue to work, continue to try and educate the next generation, even though that education has a cost that may be overwhelming. Our focus as a nation in many areas has turned to MONEY. Therefore, money/economy must be created. Yet we lose our manual ability to care for ourselves and become completely reliant upon the government, who in turn, becomes bankrupt as population explodes.

There is something to be said about being able to pay your doctor bill with a chicken and working it out in the neighborhood.

What is the government going to do to unite us as the United States of America, instead of the division that is driving us apart and weakening us?

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