The driver of tomorrow is not thinking Green...

The driver of tomorrow is not thinking Green...
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Feb 11, 2009

Loss of standards

Someone awhile ago, who was of an older generation, mentioned how much he liked it when women used to wear hats. It was part of the female closet & get up.

I often think and come to appreciate old rituals, if you will, that our generation has lost.

Like, a man opening a door for a woman. I haven't had that before. Matt has always done that. He will go out of his way to unlock and open my door. I have always poo poo'd those types of things as so old fashioned & ridiculous in the past but now, I love it! I feel special when he does it. I think I want to start teaching my son some male manners but not sure females would appreciate it.

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TRoutMac said...

I'm with ya Becky… always open the door for the fairer sex. If I had a son here on Earth that I could teach those manners to, I'd do it. I wouldn't let someone else's messed-up sense of what's appropriate deter me one bit. But then I s'pose you already knew that.

RebeccaFM said...

From my brother Rob:

Unfortunately, the feminist movement is at least partially to blame for the transitions away from old traditions such as those you have mentioned. In terms of Women's suffrage and human rights, the feminist movement succeeded in attaining some modicum of equity with their male counterparts at a cost of emasculating men to the degree that many men do not understand what they ought to do by virtue of "being a man." Furthermore, feminists have undergone a philosophical change that implies that women who choose to stay at home and raise a family are hurting the cause by failing to enter the work force and compete with men in the workplace.
Healthy households need men and women of good character working together to instill the "BE, Know, DO's" that develop desired traits that will serve as the structure of understanding their children need to move effectively throughout their adult lives. This issue combined with the ideal that espouses women do Not need men for anything has quite possibly led to Fatherless households where the Mother is in an impossible position of teaching a son about how to become a better man. The fact remains, men of good character are the only ones that can teach a boy how to become a good man, Father, and husband. This is done by example. Unfortunately, is seems that due to extreme feminism, broken homes, poor education, and the lack of character generators, among a myriad of other reasons, our men are weak and ill-equipt with the skills and virtues they need to become men of good character that are steeped in traditions that make our culture rich.

Just food for thought~

RebeccaFM said...

From my Father: Wisdom from a lifetime:

Linda and I hold hands all the time and touch all the time. I most always open doors for her and most generally open the car door, extending a hand to help her out of the car. I kiss her many times a day and kiss her just before we turn out the lights. I cook for her, bath for her, shave for her and pick up the house and hang up my clothes for her. I live for her and she for me. I also recite wonderful poems for her and have memorized some poetry just for her. We have a philosophy to live a married live to see who can out give the other. Too often one spouse is a taker, the other a giver. Each must be a giver and a receiver. We entreat each other with kindness and gentility. We are never crude or too silly with each other. We never joke on personal issues nor do we ever expose each other’s short comings. I am rarely alone with another woman and she is rarely alone with another man. My entire goal is to make her purr with happiness. She is my delight and I hers. Our love language never stops speaking. I warm at the very thought of her. We make each other giggle with delight. We never worry about messing up on the big of love issues because we always do the small things of love, mixed with strength in Christ and self-discipline. Unfortunately younger generations are not taught manners and how to treat a spouse. Nor are they taught manners or respect for parents or teachers. Kids today have all too often not taught how to play real games but are slaves of technology. Kids are very busy with full schedules at early ages. One day they will be too busy for parents who did not esteem, much less take time or exert effort for the simple pleasures of love. Sad indeed. Happy is the family who learns the lessons of simple love.


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