The driver of tomorrow is not thinking Green...

The driver of tomorrow is not thinking Green...
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Feb 1, 2009

"Stud" is old school

On our way home from church this morning, my daughter (13) was talking about the boys at school, wearing their pants down so low their boxers show and the teachers have to ask them to pull up their pants. Thinking I'm going to make a good parental point, turn around and say "So, those boys with their pants falling down & underwear showing, do they appear more "studly" to you girls"?

Expecting this resounding no, I look at blank faces. Eyebrows knit together, "huh?"... I say "what do you mean huh?". The girls say "what does that mean?". I think, they are playing a joke on me. Everyone knows what the term Stud means. They say "you mean retarded?" Well I guess that would suffice for wearing your pants half off & having to walk around holding them with one hand. But not what I meant. I say "you know, that guy's a stud". My daughter turns to her friend, then back to me. Reaching up & tugging on her ear - "you mean, like an earring?". Completely serious. I laugh and say "Seriously! Like, um, hot, cool, a dude". They look at each other, roll their eyes, "no, mom, we've never heard that word". Unbelievable!

It was the first blinding sign that I, my generation (read that YOU) have become old school.

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RebeccaFM said...

From my dad:

Good story. About 100 years ago the word “swell” was well used and nearly out when I was a kid. The word “intercourse” was widely used for communication, even when I was a kid. The word “gay” meant happy, light and lively. That word changed before our ears the 60’s and totally changed by the mid 70’s. Stud was in vogue fifty and sixty years ago. The song the “Tennessee Stud” was big in the 1950’s. The word was immortalized in the 1969 movie Midnight Cowboy by John Voight with his line “I might not be much of a cowboy, but I’m one hell of a stud” He and Dustin Hoffman were trying to be gigolos in New York City. Yes my dear, you are aging, i.e. improving like the rest of us as time marches on. Love Pa.


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