The driver of tomorrow is not thinking Green...

The driver of tomorrow is not thinking Green...
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Aug 13, 2009

Manage your internet

I hit the permalink button. Refresh. What? Does? It? Do? Cuz it looks like nothin'. Okay, read about it on Wikipedia, don't quite grasp the concept so forget that.

Just click the Post RSS link, it goes to a new google page which asks me if I want to post this to Google Homepage (huh?) or Google Reader (wha?)...

I turn to Matt, holding my head - "I can't keep track of it anymore I say". He says "what?". "Well, there's all these sites & pages to manage - I mean, I have GMail, then there's my blogspot, FaceBook - I'm NOT even doing the twitter thing - now Google Homepage or Google REader? Do I just use Gmail chat or Google talk? How do I choose? How do I get it everywhere?"

Not to mention, the Outlook mail and the Google mail. Or, which browser? Explorer, Safari, Firefox, Opera?

Do I internet search through Yahoo or Google? Hmmmmmm, not always the same results.

Okay... now digg it? Blog it? FB it? Stumble Upon it? My eyes are reeling into the back of my skull at the options facing me on the page....

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