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The driver of tomorrow is not thinking Green...
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May 18, 2010

Multiple Sarcasms:A review of a review

Today while standing in Tully's, waiting for my much needed caffeine fix, I glanced over at the TV, which was promoting a new movie "Multiple Sarcasms". The quick synopsis talks about a man, married to beautiful wife, with a beautiful daughter but finds himself - unhappy. He quits his job and starts to write about his sad life. The review says in the end, he loses his marriage to divorce but ultimately he's happier.

That set off a hail storm of thoughts within my head about the complete idiocy of this quick review. I imagine some tired guy standing there, working long hours each day, feeling mid life and "heck, I'm not happy either but this guy, he got a divorce and was happier in the end". Hmmm.

This particular morning, I stood there worn out. The 2nd day in a row that started with constant hasseling w/my son, who just cannot be reasoned with or disciplined enough out of his behavior when he's deep in the trench. Yet, I fight the good parenting fight, get a card out to the my step daughter, a card out to my husband for our anniversary, post a video, photo's to his FB site, kiss my children good bye, get myself presentable for the office, wear the appropriate heels to go with the appropriate pants, to go with the appropriate business attire. To get to work, to make a paycheck, to pay for the appropriate living expenses, to meet the daily obligations of just existing, let alone raising your children, other's children, figuring out our way too full calendar, fitting in the Women's meeting, bible study, prayer time to keep it all moving, still managing daily responsibility for others who have wandered down the path of self fulfillment. The past 2 weeks have been a bear of complications in our home, highly emotionally charged situations, that have caused sleepless nights and hours of conversation to work through. It's LIFE. That's how it goes sometimes. I am not bitter. And sometimes I'm weary. Like a great many of us.

And maybe a little grumpy. And maybe at times, when the rain is coming down in wet Seattle and the Evergreens are green, feeling a little "unhappy".

But this movie has the answer! A divorce! Because ultimately, your happiness is most important. Of course, the movie isn't based off of a woman, the mother, realizing how unhappy she is with her unhappy husband, quitting her job, writing about it & leaving her life. No. Because unfortunately, we live in a society where that's expected and TOLERATED from the fathers & husbands. It's okay for our kids to grow up without their fathers who have a mid life crisis. And the media promotes it.

I haven't seen the movie. I probably will. So maybe it's better than what I'm reading but the danger lies in this quick snippet review that leads one to believe - and plants a subliminal message that if your life makes you unhappy, walk away from it. Regardless of the devastation that occurs to those around you. Obviously the review doesn't mention the reality of a daughter, wounded beyond comprehension at finding out her father disliked their family & their life and chose his own satisfaction over the road he had already committed to. Maybe the wife was actually happier. Hmmm, that's some consideration. Now I'll have to watch it and find out.

It's just a review about a silly movie. I mean no one takes them seriously, right?

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