The driver of tomorrow is not thinking Green...

The driver of tomorrow is not thinking Green...
He's thinking Classic. (click on photo)


May 26, 2010

What's Irritating You Today?

Yesterday I went on a run. I had been listening to various podcasts for the past few weeks during my runs. I was ticked yesterday. Ticked as only a wife and mother can be ticked. My podcasts on my iPod are in a different menu from my music. I have 4000 songs on my iPod (yes I need therapy). And probably half are not christian songs. So when my iPod suddenly "shuffled", even though it was not in shuffle mode, to this song, I knew God was telling me to let go of my human irritations and appreciate & KNOW what I have to be thankful for. I spent the remaining 45 minutes of my run, absolutely soaked from the downpour, thankful for the spray from the trucks as they roared by and smiling at my beautiful amazing daughter that ran along with me.

What is irritating you today? Is it truly going to matter should you find yourself or that loved one at the end of life suddenly? An hour of uplifting, praise music, removing ourselves from ourselves and out of the pit of pity, can change your perspective, put a smile of true joy on your face & in your heart and help you achieve something so deep & worthwhile today. I hope this encourages you. I love you all.

.33 Miles, Thank you

What if in morning when I wake up, Even before I fill my coffee cup
I said thank You.

What if I look at the day and the hours ahead, And before I move forward I bowed my head - And said thank You
Oh I said thank You

What if I looked at my life in a different way, Took a little more time to stop and pray. I know it would change all the moments in between
So here I go

Thank You for everything
Thank You for loving me
It don't even matter what tomorrow brings
Well I will sing my

Thank You for sun and rain
For what You give and take away
For all Your goodness I will always say
Thank You

What if I lost everything that I had, I could smile and somehow still be glad
And say thank You. Thank you

'Cause life is joy, life is pain, But the prayer on my heart will never change
I say thank You. Oh I'll say thank You.

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