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The driver of tomorrow is not thinking Green...
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Jul 8, 2010

Employment Opportunity of the day

I may have mentioned to Matt that Apple is working towards world dominion (not just Microsoft dominion...) and is closely working with Big Brother, drawing all of us in with their amazing FUN technology... as is Facebook and MySpace (in collecting all of your personal whereabouts and information tidbits (has your clone arrived to take your place yet?)) :) - so I found this interesting job opportunity today for Microsoft. And the military. Hmmmm. ;)

Anyway, it made me think of starting a Employment Opportunity of the day (week maybe) on my blog. Who knows what might help someone else! - the Federal SI community - is that Secret Intelligence? How exciting! Ha! If anyone takes this job, I want to be your Executive Admin.

Microsoft’s Department of Defense business has an immediate opening for a Director of the Army team. This position is based in the Washington, DC area.

The Army team represents Microsoft’s largest account and is both a strategic as well as a revenue team. The team focuses on short, medium, and long-term revenue opportunities within the Department of the Army and the subordinate Army Commands. The Director of this team develops and executes the business plan for a team comprised of program management, sales, business development, technical support, and technology evangelism. The Director is effectively able to uncover, assess, and prioritize current and future opportunities while working directly with the customer, internal organizations within Microsoft, the Federal SI community and the DoD partner ecostructure. The Army team is responsible for understanding and influencing customer-specific technology requirements, resulting in the adoption of Microsoft solutions in strategic, mission-critical applications. The Director should be familiar with DoD policies, requirements, and architectures. The manager of this highly visible business should have extensive experience working with strategic Army organizations and should be intimately familiar with the organizational makeup, core missions and strategies of the CIO/G-6, Army ACOMs, and PEOs such as EIS, C3T, STRI, and Space & Missile; Other key organizations include, NETCOM, Cyber, and the CHESS organization.

This position will be filled with an experienced, professional speaker who is comfortable in front of large groups as well as senior DoD and industry personnel and should have a basic understanding of Microsoft solutions and associated technologies. Preferred qualifications include: 10+ years technology sales experience working with the Department of Defense; strong expertise with enterprise solutions; exceptional leadership, negotiation, organizational, creative, presentation, written and verbal communication skills; this position will require 35-40% domestic travel with occasional international travel. Prior experience working with Department of Defense customers is desired as is a current security clearance. Due to the nature of the U.S. Federal Business, U.S. citizenship is required. This position reports to the General Manager of Microsoft’s Department of Defense team in Washington, DC.

Job ID: 1021424*1_*1_microsoft_I_us_*1_*1_2_R_true_*2_*2_*2_*2_*2_*2_*2

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