The driver of tomorrow is not thinking Green...

The driver of tomorrow is not thinking Green...
He's thinking Classic. (click on photo)


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Jul 13, 2010

Ted & Diane Roberts - Pure Desire Ministries

I LOVE these people! Ted Roberts was the pastor of Easthill Foursquare in Gresham, Or where I attended for 14 years. I couldn't have been under better leadership. Ted is a man's man. A vietnam figher pilot. A military man. His passion & ministry was to get the issue of sexual addiction & porn out of the closet & dealt with in ch...urch. He wrote a book Pure Desire and then started travelling to speak to ministers and pastors. He was asked to speak all over the world about this serious issue. Diane his wife, took the ministry to help hurting wives. They have left the leadership of East Hill and started their own Pure Desire University and counsel/teach leadership full time. I just found out they were interviewed on Good Morning America and am SO excited for him that God has blessed their willingness to be vulnerable and Ted's manly character to reach out to men with firm love, grace & help in this addiction that traps our society. The ministry is spreading like wildfire because the need is great.

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