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The driver of tomorrow is not thinking Green...
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Sep 17, 2009

Another parental learning moment...

Here's a play by play surrounding our trip to last week's high school football game....

Kayla, first year at Woodinville High School, wants to go to the football game with her best friend and their group (3 girls, 2 boys). "Are her parents going?" "I don't think so". "Then we'll be going, we're not ready for unchaperoned football games". Yea, we're a bit slower then some parents....

Several times the discussion comes up that Ms. Friend's parents aren't going. and a small allusion (or Illusion on Kayla's part), that we're not going either... so sorry. :) Night of the game comes and wait! Who's going? Ahhhh, Ms. Friend's mother is going to "check out the social scene". Mmmmm, hmmmm - we're not the only slow parents on the block.

We park. An SUV opens next to us and a girl appears. Both of her shirts she is "wearing" are shredded and the only part left (thankfully) are very tiny parts of material covering her chest. It's bareness matches her barely there mini skirt, which ride under her hip bones, barely above the pubic area and hardly covering her butt cheeks.... I look over at her companion, who is dressed in a skin tight black tank, bare mid riff and short mini skirt. Hmmm, reminds me of the actress off of Transformers who dressed exactly this way for.... HIGH SCHOOL????

One of the girl's mom exits the SUV and follows the girls inside. I can't even say "I bet they sneaked those clothes out".

Off to the stands we go. As we enter, it gets so much better! Matt, Ms. Friend's mom & I turn our heads up to the stands - right at a young girls bare thighs. which are between her white thigh highs and pretty silver bows (smack dab out of Fredericks of Hollywood I'm sure) and the matching short netted see through ballerina skirt. Is it Halloween already I think? It thought this was a HS football game.

Oh, but wait. At least she has some sort of shorts on under the skirt. As we are inundated with partially nude young high school girls (please, I am not exaggerating), Ms. Friend's mom and I are chatting, getting to know each other - pleased that we are exactly alike in our parenting (I am SO happy to not be alone!) and concerns with our daughters. I turn my head to say something to Matt and look at a girls BARE butt.

Okay, I exaggerate. Because it's not "bare". She is wearing full lace white hose, the same netted ballerina skirt and a WHS shirt. Some parent said she had thong like shorts on but that was it. Her butt was bare under the whatever they were.

Okay, now I'm really angry. Who in the heck is administering this stadium and the game? Where are the adults who facilitate and manage the students?

I look around... where's the pole and when does the show start?

Then the girl with the white SEE THROUGH lycra short short short shorts walks by. I look over at Ms. Friend's mom who says "why get dressed at all?".

I'm looking around at all the men in the stands. I feel sorry for them because regardless of age, men are visual creatures. And we were handing our daughters on a plate to them for a visual feasting. It was disgusting.

We had discussed bringing the family down, getting Ryan excited for football - we didn't realize we'd be entering a strip joint.

I guess this is one more thing we'll keep away from for now. And Kayla, sorry - no unchaperoned visits to that football team.

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