The driver of tomorrow is not thinking Green...

The driver of tomorrow is not thinking Green...
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Sep 30, 2009

A call for support

Anyone out there reading my blog (suffering through my tributes & diatribes) I need your help. I really want to grow my blog's followers so if you could forward, suggest, refer anyone to anything you find interesting on here, please do. Also, if you could go on to my blog to respond so the counters can pick up how many hits I've received, that would be awesome!

My goal is to start a series on the raising of boys from Bringing up Boys and Raising Cain that I've been listening to. I may create a separate blog for that though... thinking about it. As our girls reach adolescence it is clear to me how important it is for teens to know this stuff about the opposite sex and about themselves as well, in order to be better prepared for relationships in general. So I'm hoping to make this cross-generational.

Please lift me up in prayer for the strength to overcome my debilitating fear of failure. I have had some things placed on my heart for awhile to MOVE and the new message series at church is The Thin Place where He is saying "okay, get on with it, here it is, yes, go, yes this is Me, okay Becky, (sigh) again it goes like this....get out of your seat!" Yea, I can be a little SLOW and resistant to change (me? No way!) and I recognize it's purely fear driven.

And the pressure on our time is tremendous I have to admit. I have a library of books next to my bed & in our house on about numerous life issues that I haven't gotten to. Matt jokes me that he thinks you can pick up the content of the book by osmosis, if you read the title and what it's about, you pretty much get it (purely sarcastic) because I won't stop buying them but I don't get to them. I'm registering at college and trying to determine where to go (christian? secular? what? money?) and which path to take and how the heck I will fit that in to an already jam packed schedule. Caffeine no doubt will help.

So I call out to my friends & family to lift the calling up so that it can be used to help someone else in need. If passing on this information/knowledge helped one teen, one kid, one adult, one person move forward & succeed, it is worth it. Thank you RebeccaFM supporters! ;)

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