The driver of tomorrow is not thinking Green...

The driver of tomorrow is not thinking Green...
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Aug 20, 2010

Could this be the first day of training?

I haven't ran in weeks. About a month ago, my first day in training for a half, my lower back, hip joints deserted me. In pain I scratched my way off the floor of my bedroom, on to the bed. An entire week I couldn't walk without hobbling.

Since then, it's as if nature has been trying to slow me down. I don't do anything the easy way. I've been running for years to lose weight, to push myself - dragging my shoes over a year instead of replacing them every 3-5 months. Running in the morning and at night. Traumatizing my body.

Once my lower back & hips stopped hurting, I've tried several times to get out for a quick 3 mile run. To no avail. Without fail something has come up to keep me from going or to make it only in to a walk. Yesterday, bound & determined to get a walk in, I reverted to how I originally started running - taking my clothes with me to work and getting it in during my lunch hour. Right as I left my desk, my daughter called from out of state with a serious need to talk. What I thought would be a kick in the butt to get back out there, turned into a 45 minute walk, laughing and encouraging the love of my life (okay, one of the 6 loves in my life). Later I forced my husband into another 45 minute walk with me so I could feel like I got enough to equate to a 45 minute RUN.

After losing 90 lbs, I stopped running in late 2008, picked it up again last year, only to have my knees turn against me.

I really want to run a half! I missed the 2010 Seattle Rock N Roll Marathon this year.

So over the past month, since my hip & tailbone rebellion, I've turned to reading about marathon running and training. (See, previously I really thought maybe I could do this without much prep...) Since my sister in law sent me the video of RLAM and I discovered their site. I ordered from our library "The NON runners guide to marathon training for women" and have read a chapter or more each night, laughing the entire time. (Sorry RLAM, they don't have your book in yet but when they do, I'm first in line!) And feeling vindicated, validated for all the flippin' body pain I've endured over the years. The countless massages I've asked my wonderful husband to give when I couldn't breath, turn over, walk the stairs, get out of the car, stand up or sit down.

Today. I made it out there. Gloriously sunny, partly cloudy sky. iPod fully charged, 4000 songs to choose from & I put it on shuffle. Sometimes that's a curse when 2 slow songs, God forbid 3 slow songs, come up when you're in the middle of a quicker stride. (no, I haven't created a running playlist yet... that would take time, which I don't have!). My shuffled songs today played right along with the speed I was running. The second song to play was rockin' Third Day's "Slow Down". I chuckled because it was a "speed it up" song about slowing down your life. No way, not today. I felt inspired. Played imaginary drums as I ran. Almost started crying as a moment passed over me with a really good song and my really used tennis shoes scooted me over the pavement.

My husband text me in the middle of my run. "Hey Beautiful, how's your day going?" My response "Totally friken' good run!" (yes, I used the slang...sorry kids, my bad)

My goal was 45 minutes. 3 miles. I had to stop twice to walk a minute or two and tried not to be disappointed when I looked at my watch. 50 minutes. Shrug. Look at it again. No way! 40 minutes! Right on!

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