The driver of tomorrow is not thinking Green...

The driver of tomorrow is not thinking Green...
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Aug 2, 2010

A Reminder

Good Morning Fellow Worshipers:

Driving to work this morning I was reflecting on the experience more. I've been drawn to this concept of how much we may forget exactly WHO He is. Maybe forget the absolute Holiness of The Father and our Savior. We lose value in the ground so holy we remove our shoes before approaching. To think we can stand in His presence. We may address Him directly - should we not bow our eyes and head, fall to our knees? Grasp the immensity of who He is? Regain the Awe of our Father and a relationship with Him? It's mind blowing.

This is not in condemnation at all. My words probably do not do the message justice. Forgive me my inadequacy. Simply that there is something there I cannot verbally express that we lose hold of - the value in the fire of the Almighty.

In this Majesty, we find His power. For me, yesterday was deeply humbling. Humbled to simply exist - for Him. Even in all my faults & excuses. I was gently reminded of exactly Who He is. Grace, Mercy - yes. But Powerful beyond comprehension. Mighty. In His love - and His direction - for us.

I hope this touches whoever it's meant to touch today.


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