The driver of tomorrow is not thinking Green...

The driver of tomorrow is not thinking Green...
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Aug 20, 2010

Roger Clemens vs. Bill Clinton

So let me get this straight. Bill Clinton is impeached but not forced to leave office for lying to Congress as President of our country - yet Roger Clemens is indicted & could go to jail for the same exact thing. I mean, lying is lying right? Regardless of whether it's about sexual escapades as President or steroids as an athlete. I vote to give Clemens the same treatment - impeachment with no punishment.

Here's a news line:

"Do we really need a judge and jury to tell us that... is guilty of being a liar, a cheater, and genuine sleaze ball?" (Mike Kline)

Which one are we talking about? A government official or an athlete?

Please. Those that lead our country should be held to the same height of expectation and reputation, if not MORE as we hold our athletes too. I guess when the vice president is dropping the F bomb on TV, the President is romping around with his interns even though he's married (wait this is not new) - lying to congress and the nation & allowed to walk away - our expectations as a nation have gotten pretty slim. Why then do we hold normal citizens, just making a living at what they do best, to higher standards? Let him go. Let them all use steroids. Stop using our tax dollars in an already near bankrupt country to pursue this guy. It's the new way. Tolerance of everything imaginable without judgment. Poor Clinton, what choice did he have? Give a guy a break, right?

Well Clemens, needs that paycheck and needs to be on top of his game. He's got a family to support, probably a wife (did I read ex wife now?). Give a guy a break!

Do I support breaking the law, hindering a legal investigation, federal or otherwise? Hell no. But it ticks me off to watch our government hold our citizens to a standard they don't hold themselves to, while they are the ones SWORN to uphold the laws of this country themselves. So probably as soon as Clinton gets his time in a cell next to Clemens, I'll support the country paying to penalize this poor poor citizen.

And give him The Hall of Fame. Clinton got his own.

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