The driver of tomorrow is not thinking Green...

The driver of tomorrow is not thinking Green...
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Aug 1, 2010

The Love of The Father

I wanted to share a vision I had during worship today. I really felt the Spirit moving in the sanctuary. Powerfully.

While my eyes were closed and I was lost in song, I suddenly had a visual of a forceful wind moving through the sanctuary. Not something to be afraid of but moving in through the doors and quickly, fast moving everywhere and touching everything, surrounding. I shook it off as silly imagination for a moment but then asked what it meant. It was a symbol of God's fierce love for us-as a parent loves & protects their child, so does He of us. He is fighting for us. He is not complacent. His heart burns and His eyes are ablaze for His children. He will wage the war for us, we only need let go & bring it to Him. So difficult to do. He loves us w/a fierceness that we cannot understand. I was moved that the message was to move to Him, let Him take the fight, for He is the mightiest of ALL and it is always His and ours is to release our hold.

This was right before we sang that song that has the lyrics about a hurricane, which was the force of the wind I envisioned. I didn't know that part was coming. I felt in awe that He would move in me with such clarity.

I thought I would share. Thank you for a great worship team & allowing Him to move through each of you to reach others.

For the Kingdom -


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