The driver of tomorrow is not thinking Green...

The driver of tomorrow is not thinking Green...
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Jun 14, 2009

A weekend in the life of The FitzMull Clan

Okay, this is just a glimpse into our weekend. This is without the usual other 2 softball games we have. End of seasons! Yes! Summer is coming... wait 4 of 5 will still be taking summer classes, McKenna was accepted at Bellevue Youth Symphony Summer camp and Girl Scouts young adult camp, plus then all 4 girls will be in day camp in August, soccer will start and **** gulp **** ALL FIVE are playing this year! I don't have a clue how we will do it.... By some miracle we will arrange care for all 5 on Labor Day so we can enjoy the Dave Matthews tickets Matt got for his 41st birthday... we shall see! So here's my Facebook status today:

Our weekend... are you ready? :) I asked McKenna if we were ever without children... she laughed and said "um, no - are you crazy?" - Saturday, Ryan's last game, up at 6:30, trying like mad to find the missing downloaded DVD version of the team movie.. then the copies we burned failed... off to the game, don't let the cupcakes melt in the sun...back home, figure out the dvd issues (I was right!!!), Rebecca off to take McKy shopping for her HI trip...another enlightening day for mom that daughter is growing up, Matt's at home w/kiddos, peyton bday party, oops 4got present, to store, back to party, home, back 2 p/u peyton. I'm still shopping, Matt home to make dinner, me to mall, oops Kayla need suit for camp, dang! hunt like mad (do you know how inappropriate swimsuits are?!!!, home for late w/little one, shoo off to bed, movie w/older girls, midnight... and bedtime. Up at 6:30, breakfast for girls, they are off to church at 8, breakfast for Matt & little kids, quick family walk & football through neighborhood, back, get ready for church, church - Matt decides to get baptized! Wow! back home, lunch for 7, off to the mall to return suit & p/u lost sunglasses, oh I forgot about the fish... bought fish for kids, tanks, fill water, let de-chlorinize, forgot more fish, back to store, to Micheals art store, back home, matt work on art project for Kass class, finish DVDs for Ryans team, sleeve, label, fold clothes, was there a nap? no... dinner, dessert, dishes, games, bed time.... 9pm, my eyes are burning, ahhhhh, bedtime. good night!

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