The driver of tomorrow is not thinking Green...

The driver of tomorrow is not thinking Green...
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Jun 25, 2009

KIRO: Must Enjoy Long Walks On Argentinian Beaches

I listened to the confession live yesterday. Sickened. Disheartened. Disheartened that I continue to have faith in these people. And yet, my profile says - I dislike politicians. I dislike dishonest people. Well it's not a wonder why over the past few weeks. I didn't get time to publish my blog I was working on and this is from KIRO FM, Dave Ross and I like his points. My favorite word over the years in the midst of stupidity - look of shock on my face, eyes blank - Unbelievable. - Dave Ross

Now THAT was a press conference from the Twilight zone.

I realize I should have more sympathy for Governor Mark Sanford, just as I probably should have had more sympathy for Senator John Ensign, and even Newt Gingrich, but I don't.

Merely entering public life demands a huge sacrifice from your family. To then COMPOUND that by betraying your wife requires a level of narcissism that you'd think even a politician would be incapable of.

But beyond that - for a governor to DISAPPEAR for four days in order to nurse his angst? And lie about it? Too bad he wasn't under oath.

And during his press conference he felt compelled to tell the story of the affair - how it began innocently, how it was such a special friendship, how in fact he was trying to get her to reconcile with her husband… PLEASE!

You're the governor of a state in a country on the verge of DEPRESSION! How do you justify devoting even a second of your life to relationship counseling?

I'm beginning to think that all this Glenn Beck teary-eyed flag-waving populism has attracted far too many emotionally overwrought personalities to public office.

Obviously politicians are human, and humans stray, but if a politician is going to cheat, he ought to do it with enough skill that the rest of us don't end up having to watch. That was Clinton's problem too. The difference between Sanford and Clinton is that Sanford is trying to tell us his relationship was genuine and beautiful--, albeit ultimately tragic. At least Clinton knew full well he was just another Bubba.

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