The driver of tomorrow is not thinking Green...

The driver of tomorrow is not thinking Green...
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Jul 23, 2009

The best guns for home defense

I am not a gun owner. I was raised with guns however. I have shot a few rifles. As a teen I did not particularly like the boom and the kick. It was not my #1 choice of how to spend my time. My sisters however, were hunters and loved guns. My daughter seems to have an accurate eye for shooting and enjoys it (with proper ear plugs).

As our country is changing, combined with my conspiracy theorist mind (I am well flocked by fellow conspirators), I have had many thoughts & voiced the opinion that it is important for our children to know how to defend themselves - and they don't. Unfortunately, our society takes any thought that may be contrary to their own, when in relation to conservative vs. liberal, and radicalizes it. So for me to express an opinion that my children should know how to use a firearm, well I am a radical! Guns are bad! No, they aren't. The softening of our following generations is bad because it allows them to be taken over & ruled by the incoming socialist government! Boys are told told to stop being aggressive, stop playing guns, stop being BOYS, soften up, lighten up - because the underlying movement is to be able to groom an entire generation or two to be controlled. Okay, radical.

Anywho, I love The Art of Manliness. And today's blog is on The Best Guns for Home Defense. Here it is. I'm on my way - uh, never mind.

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