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The driver of tomorrow is not thinking Green...
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Jul 30, 2009

Oh NO! Not the Mountain Dew!!!

This is for all my Mt. Dew loving, drinking, injecting (not really pa) high school buddies. And, crap. 18 minutes of jogging for one can of soda? You're kidding me! I'd better make it a Mt. Dew then so I can have enough of a high/jolt/rush that I can triple my run.

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Wednesday, July 29, 2009 @ 9:00am
That soda tax didn't last long

Wednesday's commentary:

I heard this shocking statistic on CNN:

"A can of pop, soda, whatever you want to call it; it takes the average woman 18 minutes to jog off a can of soda."

Which is why, briefly, there was some talk in Congress of a soda tax to raise money to pay for health care reform.

But it was instantly shot down for the usual reasons. Today a soda tax, tomorrow it’s a user fee on Corn Dogs.

How long before Mountain Dew is a felony? What happens when sugar-deprived teens start injecting themselves with smuggled high fructose corn syrup?

The soft drink industry even ran an ad showing a family camping in the woods and enjoying delicious sugary beverages – to point out that if you tax soda, you might as well close the national parks.

Yes, I’m exaggerating.

So the soda tax, once again, is going nowhere, because the right to cheap soda is sacred, but the obesity studies keep coming. Over 26% of adults are now obese, and their health problems cost $147 billion a year, double what it was ten years ago. And as usual it’s worse for African American women, Hispanics, Native Americans, and poor people.

Bringing us to the ultimate argument – as a piece in the Wall Street Journal pointed out, a soda tax would hurt the poor. Because the poor, apparently really enjoy soda.

Well if that that’s the argument, why do we have a food stamp program forcing so much free food on them? Of course they can’t jog; we’re making it so they can’t even move.

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