The driver of tomorrow is not thinking Green...

The driver of tomorrow is not thinking Green...
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Jul 22, 2009

The new healthcare plan

If you go to this website, should reach Dori Monson's shows. Go to listen to past shows and choose the 1pm hour for yesterday, 7/21/09. Dr. Betsey McCaughey (Mick-COY) speaks on the current health plan that she has reviewed in full. She is a democrat, a liberal and a patient advocate. She states she cannot support this plan for any patient and very concerned.

Her points:

Previously discussed citizens would have an option of federal care vs. personal coverage. The plan will force everyone at some point to conform with the "legal requirement" of being on this federal plan.

The plan shuts down the ability to seek specialized care.

Page 425.

Counseling to the elderly every 5 years on ending their lives. Nourishment & antibiotic withholding.

The doctor behind this she says argues that people with disabilities or diseases do not contribute to society.

1000+ pages, how many americans do you think are actually reading this?


I thought I would pass on to help awareness. It reminds me of Hitler's thinking.

If this is true (and I have more to read on it), I am concerned our president would support it. Anyone making this vote should have read this thoroughly and if they want to support this type of federal mandate which will make a decision whether you, I, our children, our parents - are worthy of living, worthy of receiving health care because it's paid for by the government, they should no longer be in power of America.

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